I am currently a PhD student in the John Bruno Lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Originally from Havana Cuba, I moved to Florida in 2004 after the culmination of my master of science in Marine Ecology from the University of Havana. While in Cuba I studied the impact of polluted sources such as Havana harbor on the dynamic and structure of the reef system adjacent to the city. In the US I worked for several seasons at the Bermuda Institute of Oceans Science teaching Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Marine Ecology. Before my enrollment in UNC-Chapel Hill I was a contractor for NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center studying the population dynamic of the endangered coral species Acropora palmata in the Florida Keys and other regions of the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico, Curacao and Navassa Island. At NOAA I was also involved in coral reef restoration projects and I was fortunate to participate as aquanaut in a ten days mission inside the Aquarius Underwater Research Laboratory in the Florida Keys. I am also interested in Conservation Photography.

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